About Tor Networks Ltd

Tor Networks are devoted to introducing network, cyber security skills, solutions and talent into the Global IT sector.

Why Tor Networks

The IT networking is a vast and ever evolving field. The pace at which today’s IT requirements are changing makes it hard to keep engineers on top of their game. In the presence of cyber warfare and advanced threats evolving rapidly, there is a constant shortage of engineers who are skilled with multi-vendor firewall technologies. Employers are increasingly looking for candidates who have experience and skills above the CCNA Routing and Switching or CCNA Security level.

They expect network engineers to be proficient with not only core networking but also with skills to secure their networks from internal or external threats utilizing next generation firewall technologies such as malware protection, URL filtering, DDoS prevention, end point protection e.t.c. However, acquiring such skills with multiple vendors through instructor-led training courses is usually not only a costly affair but may also be difficult for full time employees to take time off work during business hours.

Why Network Security Training

With over 20 years of industry experience, our professional team realized this early on and embarked on a mission to build a professional training platform to cater for today’s engineers. This would provide the best available hands-on network security training in a modular fashion. With practical scenario-based job-focus modules students learn multi-vendor firewalls and security appliances with increased efficiency and depth of knowledge.

We aim to equip today’s engineers with next generation technology and skills so they can defend their networks and be always in control. Delegates who join our security courses not only learn about the industry’ best practices, but also practice how to safeguard their networks using vendor specific firewalls. We provide training on some of the leading firewall products in live environments today. These include installing and configuring Cisco ASA with NextGen FirePower services, Palo Alto, Check Point, Juniper, and Fortinet to name a few.

Training, Internships & Solutions

Aspire to be a Network and Cyber security expert, join us for Globally Recognized Network & Security courses

Our Training

With over 20 years’ industry experience we aim to develop engineers with next-generation technology and skills. We provide training on some of the leading Network, Security and cloud vendors such as Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto, Check Point, Fortinet, F5, AWS, Azure and much more.

Our affordable job oriented packages ensure that all qualifying candidates achieve their dream job in IT sector.

We offer independent multi-vendor NGFW network and Cyber Security training to quickly understand all the features and options available to secure their networks, which are not available via any “videos” or training institute.

Our courses are suitable for new entrants and industry savvy engineers. The primary goal is to “get security right to minimise business risk.”

Tor Network’s methodology “Train Today, Apply Tomorrow” follows a timeline of Evaluate, Advise, Break/Fix, Mentoring & Apply. We try to understand individual motivations and needs and will always provide impartial advice.

With the guidance of our “industry experienced certified instructors”, 24/7 availability of real hardware and our Job focused modular training enables engineers to acquire those relevant critical skills needed at affordable prices.

Internship & Work Experience

At Tor Networks, we do not make false promises of fantastic jobs with big salaries. Our objective is to ensure that students obtain an appropriate level of hands-on industry experience on real devices, by using the skills they have acquired in the classroom/labs to progress into contractor or permanent positions with organisations.

Internships & work experience help students to develop skills to get them ready for the real world. These include CV writing and interview tips as well as working towards industry-recognised qualifications. Most internships are unpaid. However, Tor Networks and or their partners will support students with travel expenses for meetings.

Business Solutions

We offer new business-enhancing capabilities in less time and with a lower cost. Our consultancy services are geared to help your business grow, keep your most valuable resources safe and move your business forward.

Our custom-made packages are suitable for small, medium, and enterprises based on their number of users, needs, and budget.

Our Recruitment

We pride ourselves on running a business which is both professional and ethical.

As a forward-thinking company, a huge part of our working day is about aligning goals and values to make the connection between two parties work well (clients and candidates).

We are focused on getting the perfect candidate for the perfect job spending productive time to reach the desired outcomes.

Being genuinely human allows us to build trust which is essential to our success.

Understanding our clients’ needs and our candidates’ aspirations is paramount.

Our Clients

Tor Networks Ltd serves companies of all sizes from SME’s to large corporate enterprises, providing IT security professionals to meet their staffing requirements. We have the capability and capacity to resolve people and project requirements and meet your organisational needs through:

  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Contract Recruitment
  • Managed Services
Our “Certified & subject matter experts” with their in-depth market knowledge and proven experience, maintain strong, productive relationships with our network of connections and ensure that we screen the best candidates.

Our Candidates

At Tor Networks we provide total support to our candidates who are looking for a new role. We help you achieve your career aspirations and goals. Our honesty and integrity ensure that you get the best from our team or experts, where most of them have the technical background as well. We carefully work with you to understand what is the job at hand and what would be a natural fit for your organisational culture.

Our extensive database of registered technical candidates, together with our networks means we can uncover and recruit exceptional specialist individuals with a proven track record.

Our Values

Job Focused Hands-on Practical Training


Student Focused

Unparalled hands-on learning experience with focus on mastering job specific tasks. Our student-cenered approach is receipe for success.

Personal Development and Growth

Going for your desired job or want to excel in your current position, our training provides an exceptional learning experience.

Multi-Vendor Training

Master universal security concepts and learn how to Uplift your Network, Cloud & Cyber Security skills to implement unified security on leading multi-vendor firewalls,

Top Quality Training

All of our courses are taught by top experts who are currently working in the industry and provide unmatch quality of education.

Industry Experts

Discover and Learn the tricks of the trade with certified Experts who have been working in the industry for nearly two decades.

Certification & Employability

Whether you are training to become certified or to secure a job, our training will help you achieve your goals.

Who are our usual delegates

Tor Networks Ltd specialises in Hands-on Firewall and Security Training courses. We cover from the basic core concepts to design and implementation in small to medium offices all the way to corporate networks with highly available designs. Our bespoke training courses and programs are specifically tailored for IT professionals who want to master network security in a very short period.

We have designed these hands-on training courses with the aim to give you familiarity and experience with real life scenarios so upon completion of the course you would be able to actually deploy and support these Firewall technologies.

To date most of our students are either engineers who need to refresh their security knowledge or contractors with existing certifications such as the CCNA and the JNCIA who want to enhance their Next Generation Firewall technical skills. Our internship pathway also assists a number of “freshers” to enter the industry with diverse multi vendor knowledge and experience.

Our Goals & Objectives

Job Focused Hands-on Practical Training

Our students learn how to protect their organization’s assets, adopt industry best practices and improve security decision making by learning through case studies and scenario based fault finding labs.

Students use Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) real devices focusing on the efficiency of security processing, ensuring an in-depth understanding of threat detection and mitigation of risks. With the dedicated guidance of our industry experienced instructors and availability of real hardware our Job focused modular training enables engineers to acquire relevant critical skills at affordable prices.

Our Security and Firewall – Design and Implementation courses are expert-led training courses aimed at preparing security professionals in the proper configuration of VPN solutions.

Get Multi-Vendor Expertise

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